Integrated Approach to Learning:
S:  Physical and Social SCIENCES
T:  Incorporation of TECHNOLOGY
E:  Principles of ENGINEERING and Design
A:  English Language ARTS
M: Application of MATHEMATICS

Example of Co-Taught Lesson: Sail Car

Co-teaching between content area teachers is an integral aspect of our trans-disciplinary STEAM model. The STEAM schedule is constructed to allow for lessons to be simultaneous taught by two (or more) teachers on a daily basis in blocks ranging from 30 to 120 minutes.

Example of Co-Taught Lesson: Sail Car
Using our 80 minute co-teach period, the math and science teacher are able to do a lab with students that investigates the relationship between sail area and the distance a sail car made of KNEX is able to travel down the hall.

While the science teacher helps the students design their experiments addressing the scientific method and different types of variables the math teacher interjects with a lesson about computing area of geometric figures. Students then conduct their experiments and draw conclusions regarding the effects of sail area.

The following day, the technology teacher introduces the concept of the design brief and challenges students to use their data to design the ultimate sail constructed only of complex geometric figures.

On the third day, students bring the sails to math class where they are sketched on graph paper and the sail area is computed.

On the final day, students race for distance.