Integrated Approach to Learning:
S:  Physical and Social SCIENCES
T:  Incorporation of TECHNOLOGY
E:  Principles of ENGINEERING and Design
A:  English Language ARTS
M: Application of MATHEMATICS

Morning Meeting

Our Team has a Morning Meeting every Monday to kick off the week. All students report to a large double room after homeroom for a coordinated presentation from the team teachers as well as guests from the school, the district or the community. It usually lasts for about 40 minutes and our format is often as follows:
  • Greeting Activity
  • General Announcements: Birthdays, Calendar, Issues, etc
  • Guest Presenter / Group Activity / Student Presentations
  • Trans-disciplinary Project Status
  • Agenda for Each Class
  • Flexible Schedule for the Week
  • Best Week Ever Recap of Previous Week (Often Video/Pictures)
The agenda from our first morning meeting.

Highlights from Week 1.